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06:38pm 11/07/2007
mood: hopeful
So I have been going swimming, drinking, dancing, and hanging out a lot. I am really enjoying life right now.

I went with Amy to her blind date and he ended up with me. He had to go back to California but I felt that spark and I think he did too. Who knows.

It's fun being single and flirting with boys.

We swam topless last night.

Like my new tank top?

wel helo thar   
01:24pm 07/06/2007
mood: tired
I haven't posted here in so long! I forget about it a lot.

Quick update:
I work as a secretary at Meadow Gold Dairy in Kalispell, Montana.
I haven't filled out my papers to graduate from school but I finished taking classes December '06.
I bought a drumset and it's sitting in the garage.
I bought a new car ('94 Dodge Intrepid) and have it almost paid off.
I live in my parents' basement.
I listen to country music now too, along with everything else I used to listen to.
The new Bjork album is awesome.
So is the new NIN album.
I go to the Blue Moon far more often than I should but I love it and I have lots of friends there.
I went through a thing with a rodeo clown named SW that is currently on the road doing rodeos.
I have a huge crush on a guy named Josh even though he's flakey.
I still chat online.
I dyed my hair red again.
I bought a bustier and wore it in public.
I voted for Blake Lewis from American Idol and plan to buy his first album.

Also, I am home on my lunch break. I am very tired from staying up late at the bar last night and then getting up for work. We had fun playing pool. I had more fun flirting with Josh. <3

I am super human.   
02:36am 20/01/2007
  I don't know how the hell I can manage to do this... but I drank more than any sane person would and I didn't die. I blacked out for the first time ever, Thursday night (my birthday), at the bar. I don't remember about 2 hours at the end of the night. I didn't make a fool of myself and I didn't throw up. I can't believe I drank that much and didn't even have that bad of a hangover this morning. I started with some of Steve's R&R, and then it snowballed from there. People were buying me shots left and right... I had Wild Turkey, Crown, Yukon Jack, Hot Damn... Keep in mind, this is only what I remember drinking. The last thing I had before blacking out was a Chameleon or Garbage Can. This is basically a long island in a large glass with blue curacao and then a Red Bull turned upside down into the glass which turns it green. I don't know what all they gave me to drink after that, but Steve told me about the last break at 1 am. He bought me a shot of Jack Daniels and right before I got it... someone else had bought me a shot of lemonhard or something. I don't know how to spell it but it's 151 rum. He said it tastes bad but I downed it and barely made a face... followed then by the jack. Oh, I had a large jack and coke at the beginning of the night, too.

I am amazed at myself. Seriously. I should've been worse today. I should've thrown up. I walked up our back stairs on my own power... I found myself in bed this morning and had NO IDEA how I got there. I'm just lucky my friends watch out for me.

The worst thing, though, is that my back and neck are SO TENSE. It's absolutely ridiculous. I have huge knots and everything is sore. Car wrecks suck balls.
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I totalled my car. :(   
09:52pm 17/01/2007
mood: sore
I was driving back from Bozeman after dropping off my brother and I crashed into some boulders on Homestake pass. I should've been going slower, but I didn't think it was icy quite yet... Boy was I mistaken. I lost control and spun at least 1 1/2 times, crashing the back end and driver's side into a ditch which happened to be populated with boulders. I am okay but my car is not. I spent almost 6 hours in the Butte hospital. I got hit in the head by something, probably glass from my window, so I have a scratch and a bump. I also hit my left shoulder/back into the metal where the belt comes out which was pushed in by the boulder. It hurts enough that I'm taking loratab and I'm going to have a giant ugly bruise when it finally decides to show itself. I also have whiplash and everything else is sore, but nothing is broken. I took a few pictures of my car with my cell phone at the wreckers when we went to get my stuff out of it today. I rescued everything valuable and some other odds and ends. I'm just lucky I didn't crash head first and that I was alone. I didn't hit anyone else, which was good. I did lose my car and all my freedom that is attached with that, but I must suffer the consequences of my actions.

I wanted to put down flowers for Nick since it's the anniversary of his death, but I didn't get a chance because of the circumstances. I still think about him all the time.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Hopefully I can still make it to the bar for some sort of a birthday celebration.

And some photos!Collapse )
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11:09pm 14/01/2007
mood: tired
I'm driving 5 hours (or more) to Bozeman tomorrow to drop my brother off at his apartment. His friend is giving me King's Field 1 for Playstation and I am way excited. I also get to play on his Wii while I'm there. I drive back Tuesday and I'm stopping in Missoula to get stuff from the percussion room and then Hot Springs to visit Heidi, assuming she isn't in class...

I have been having lots of bar fun as usual.

My birthday is on Thursday! I'm turning 24, big whoop, huh? Oh well. Hopefully I conned enough people into showing up at the bar.
11:17am 23/12/2006
mood: awake


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10:26am 19/12/2006
mood: tired
He broke up with me because I called him on Sunday night when I was drunk. I woke him up at 10:30 his time and he couldn't get back to sleep. I guess he passed out later and ended up missing work. They had a policy that if anyone missed work without calling in during December, they would be fired immediately. So, I guess I got him fired. I'm pretty sure he blames it all on me.
Me? Mastermind? uh... sure.   
02:08pm 14/12/2006
mood: bored

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I'm copying Heidi.   
05:37pm 05/12/2006
mood: lonely
001: Real Name – Sarah Riebe
002. Nicknames – Seba, Seb (only my parents call me those), Riebe
003. Single or taken - taken
004. Zodiac Sign - Capricorn
005. Male or Female -female
006. Elementary School – Russell Elementary
007. Favorite Color - Brown, Purple
008. High School – Flathead
009. Screen name - Sarah, Ischiagra, sarahofthedead, smarmyzombie
010. Hair Color - Brownishreddish (whatever color I dye it)
011. hair length long or short - longish
014. Eye Color – Dark grayblue something
015. Are you health freak- nope
016. Height -5'9
017. Do you have a crush on someone –yes
018. Do you like yourself –yes
020. Think you're awesome –maybe
021. Piercings –ears
022. Tattoos - soon! Kristin and I are going to get some together
023. Righty or Lefty -righty

___Your 'Firsts'___

024. Surgery - Knee
025. First piercing –ears, when I was 9
026. First best friend - Something with a C... Celeste?
027. First Award - uh, I don't remember these things
028. First Sport You Joined –soccer!!
029. First pet – dog
030. First vacation –Spokane, Washington
031. First Concert –I have no idea
032. First love –uhhh...


049. Eating - nothing
050. I'm drinking - nothing
052. I'm about to -perform in the orchestra concert... then shoot myself in the face
053. Listening to -Dungen on myspace
055. Waiting For -call for the orchestra concert
057. Wearing - concert black and a brown scarf

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058. Want Kids? - yes
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074. Sensitive or Loud - Sensitive, but loud when the situation calls for it :P
075. Hook-up or Relationship - relationship
077. Trouble Maker or Hesitant? - yes

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078. Kissed a Stranger –yes
079. Drank bubbles –yes
080. Lost glasses/contacts-no, never worn any... unless you count sunglasses. i lose everything
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082. Broken any bones - yes
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086. Turned Someone Down -yes
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099. Angels-no

___Answer Truthfully___

100. Is there one person you want to be with right now? Jarret
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03:05pm 04/12/2006
mood: blah
The University of Montana Grizzlies host the University of Massachusetts Minutemen on Friday, December 8th at 5:30 p.m. Mountain Standard Time on ESPN2. Tune in even if you don't like football because they mic the band and you can hear the drumline really well, apparently. I play snare so listen!!
02:15pm 01/12/2006
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My profile name: smarmyzombie
07:41pm 29/11/2006
mood: cranky
The rest of this week, next week, and then it's finals week. Guess what? I have no finals. So, I'm done in a week and 2 days. I can not wait. I am so sick of school, I can barely stand it. I have to drag myself to class. I'm currently missing part of a concert right now. Most of them didn't bother to come to my recital, so I really don't care. I never was part of the loop. I just want to leave.

It's time to move on. I'm looking at grad schools, trying to figure out where I want to spend the next 2 years of my life. Do I want to be far away or closeish to my boyfriend? I really do love him and want to be with him, but how long would I be able to survive away from him? Thoughts to be had, for sure. Hopefully I get to spend some time with him soon so I know that this is what I truly want.

My professor wants me to go to college in New York. I always wanted to go to Long Beach. UT-Austin looks like an option as well. I was looking at UNLV because that's where my boyfriend lives. Hmm, decisions, decisions. I guess I go where ever someone will give me an assistantship. :P

I am going to miss percussion ensemble. It was my last big concert last night. It went well, though. I almost cried. :/
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05:47pm 22/11/2006
  Thankfully I was jumping to conclusions. This will happen after similar incidents happening in past relationships, but I need to relax and not worry so much. He is mine and I'm not letting him go. If this happens again, I will definitely have a talk with him, since he should know it does worry me and not want me to worry. I also need to make sure that I'm not freaking out unnecessarily.

Anyway. We got to talk and everything is good.
11:24am 22/11/2006
mood: uncomfortable
I'm really not quite sure what to think. I was very excited and happy. I thought this was going to work out right this time. I thought this was different. Am I jumping to conclusions or am I right to worry? I was fine until Sunday when I called him and he ... wasn't the same. It was a short conversation and he didn't say much. And then he didn't call me. And then he didn't call me again. I tried calling him and, for the first time, he didn't answer. Should I be worried? Should I let it slide and wait until I can find him? He was online then disappeared. He didn't answer, he didn't call back. What does that mean? Anything? How long am I supposed to wait before I start to wonder?

Was my mom right when she said things that appear too good to be true usually are?

How forgiving should I be? Should I let it all slide? I knew something was wrong with Marc when similar things started to happen. How does it go from great to bad in so short a time? Am I being hasty in assuming something is wrong? Should I confront him? I'm about ready to just give up.
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A Quickie...   
06:46pm 14/11/2006
mood: loved
I'm about to leave the lab to go get dinner.

Just thought I'd give a quick update.

My recital is Sunday, I am excited, nervous, scared, everything all rolled up into one. I put up all the posters and the program is done. I baked cheesecakes and my mom is going to work on the reception for me. Kristin and Is are coming, so is Heidi (hopefully the snow stops!). Cat/Griz is this weekend and we are going to STOMP THE CATS!!! Next week is Thanksgiving and I'm going home for a few days, but I have to return that Saturday for a playoff football game. Then the Tuesday after that is my last official percussion ensemble concert (I am playing in the World Percussion Concert in February even though I won't be enrolled). I finally get to go to a pep band game on Thursday, I think.

I am in love. I told myself I wasn't going to do this, especially with someone I met over the internet again. But he is perfect. I can not and will not let this one get away. I never believed in love at first sight or soul mates. I guess this is as close as it gets. I never believed in fate, but it sure feels like fate had it's hand in this. I feel like I am in a dream. If this is a dream, I don't want to wake up. He is everything I have ever wanted in a man and then some. I hope this lasts forever.
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08:49pm 24/10/2006
mood: anxious
I'm alive. Here's proof:

My recital is November 19th at 3 pm. I am so not prepared. :(
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09:43pm 09/10/2006
  Good video:

Awesome autograph:

(mc chris by the way)
09:48pm 05/10/2006
  I have like 10 minutes left in the lab but I thought I'd share this with ya. I took it at the concert last night, outside the stadium. Heh heh.

This probably won't work because youtube sucks. I will try again later for I am getting kicked out of the lab.
09:18pm 03/10/2006
  Random picture of the day:

02:57am 01/10/2006
  I hate when people turn out to be different than I thought they were. I often wonder if they presented themselves as whatever I had imagined or if I projected it on them. It might be a little of both. Either way, I am quite disappointed. There was an incident at the bar this evening that drastically changed my perspective on someone and it's really too bad. I have a feeling I will be seeing that place less and less. I still love my friends there, but I think things like this will drive a lot of them away.  
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